DLS Department

Brief historical review

    A.M. Prokhorov General Physics Institute of Russian Sciences Academy (GPI RAN) was formed in 1983 by the Nobel Prize winner academician A.M. Prokhorov A department of P.N. Lebedev Physics Institute AS USSR (GPIAS) which he managed. A department included oscillations laboratory, plasma physics laboratory and monocrystal department which formed a structure of new institute.

    The oldest laboratory oscillations laboratory was founded as far as 1934th year and during its lifetime its heads were world-famous scientists : academician N.D. Papaleksi (1934-1947), academician M.A. Leontovich (1947-1954) the Nobel Prize winner academician A.M. Prokhorov (1954 - 1998).

    In 1998 as a separate science subdivision within A.M. Prokhorov GPIRAN was founded the Natural-Science Centrer (NSC GPIRAN). Diode laser spectroscopy (DLS NSC GPIRAN) is a part of NSC GPIRAN which developes an independent scientific line(direction) diode laser spectroscopy (DLS department). At the head of department since the moment of its foundation professor, M.Sc. A.I. Nadezhdinskii.


Primary lines of investigations of the department are:

  • fundamental investigations in area of high resolution spectroscopy on basis of tunable semiconductor(diode) lasers (DL);

  • development of devices for sensitive (precise) gas analysis in real time on the basis of practical application DLS: for atmosphere monitoring, technological processes control, medicine, and detection in air of dangerous to health substances as CO, C13O2, CH4, NH3, NO2, NO, H2S, O3, H2CO and other;

  • investigations and developments in intellectual video systems area;

  • fundamental investigations in thermalphysic spectroscopy and spintronics.